“I’m Buying a New Construction Home, Should I get a Home Inspection?”

This is a question I have been asked MANY times over the years. And, maybe even more often, have not been asked because my clients assume it’s a new home and they don’t need a home inspection. And, they are right….the home is NEW and of course inspected by a city or county inspector in order to obtain the Certificate of Occupancy (which is needed before a buyer closes and occupies a home).
While the vast majority of brand new homes will fully pass a home inspection, what if yours doesn’t? And, what if it’s something that you won’t be aware of for months or even years down the road? I’ve worked with lots of builders and they do an excellent, detailed job when building homes, however, things get missed and sometimes they are missed by the sub-contractor, the builder AND the city/county inspector. A few years ago a buyer I was working with decided to get a home inspection on their new home. The house was finished and just about ready to close. Their home inspector notated a few small items (paint, etc.) as he went through the home. Towards the end of the inspection he climbed into the crawl space and when he popped back up he told my clients, “well, everything looks good down here EXCEPT the 2nd bathroom drain isn’t connected to a drain pipe”. How did that get missed during construction? Who knows, it’s human error! But, let me tell you how happy my clients were to spend $350 on a home inspection and to NOT have bath water draining directly into their crawl space that could have taken years for them to find out about!
We let the builder know and of course it was fixed right away. And, we asked how it happened but, the reality is, especially during busy times in the market when homes are popping up super quickly, the builders and subs are moving so fast (as are city/county inspectors) that they don’t always have or take the time to go over things as meticulously as they should. Or, they believe it’s been fixed when in fact it hasn’t. Either way, when YOU hire a home inspector, they are only focused on going over YOUR house with a fine-tooth comb. They have the time to dedicate to making sure that everything is working correctly, things are properly connected and will give you a detailed report (often with pictures). A home purchase is such a huge investment and I believe it is way better to spend a little extra up front to protect your investment then to deal with the hassle of something that could have been prevented!